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Praque, the most beautiful city in Europe

In November 1989 the people of Prague took to the streets in a demonstration that would help initiate the downfall of 40 years of Communist rule. By the 3rd December, popular leader Vaclav Haval’s anti communist coalition had forced the ruling Communist regime to resign. On the 29th December Haval was elected President of the new Czechoslovakia. This period of Czechoslovakian history became known as “The Velvet Revolution” due to the almost totally non-violent nature of the communist regimes overthrow.

After the “Velvet Revolution” came the 1993 “Velvet Divorce” as Czechoslovakia amicably divided into the Republic of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Haval became the first President of the Czech Republic and Prague (Praha) became the Czech capital city.

Since then Prague has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. A city in which, medieval cobblestone streets wind their way between stunning architecture and chic boutiques. Where street musicians perform everything from Dvorak to Dixieland Jazz and local people tend to smile a lot.

Prague is simply one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Be sure to visit it soon.